That's right, we moved to South Korea

Shortly after I started blogging again, I accepted a promotion overseas, and it has been


We re-homed our precious goats to a loving family in Olympia. We sold our beautiful homestead to an amazing family that we know will cherish it for many years. I deleted my Facebook (bye, Felicia!), made my Instagram private, and went into full social media PERSEC mode. And then we packed up our remaining fur-babies and travel through time to the Korean Peninsula.

Now that we've moved into a permanent residence, settled into a rhythm at home and at work, I feel like I can open a few doors and windows into this nomadic lifestyle we're building.

There is so much to share, and it's going to take me weeks to get you all caught up.

My plan is to keep my Instagram private, but that doesn't mean you can't follow along with my photographic journal. It is my favorite social media platform for capturing moments and sharing snapshots of my thoughts. Just look for @korkalot and send me a request. I may DM you if I don't recognize you right away, but just send me a note that says you found my blog In Search of Safe Harbor, and you'll be all set.