Raven aka Fuzzy Britches
During the cold months, warmth is in high demand, and I'm not just talking about the weather or a crackling fireplace. The cold months are filled with holiday cheer, gifts, love, togetherness, and family. The holidays can also be a time of high stress and conflict, though. In addition to that, the materialism that often coincides with the winter holidays can make feelings of poverty, inadequacy, and helplessness profound for many. While warmth cannot necessarily fix all of these problems, it goes a long way toward helping others feel worthwhile, valued, important, and loved.

Amelia aka Grump Face
Warmth is an act of mindfulness, because it is inherently intentional and purposeful. When we decide to be warm to the harried cashier at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving, that act can go a long way toward helping that person get through their busy work day. Warmth can also be as simple as a friendly greeting or pleasant small talk. Additionally, warmth is expressed through the acts of charity and service. Some choose to volunteer at soup kitchens on Christmas Day or donate to their favorite organization.

Wilhemina Brimley, aka "Stinky Puppet
Directing that warmth inward is just as powerful as sharing it with others. It is easy to get caught up in the negative thoughts or feelings that sometimes coincide with the holidays. Taking a few minutes to remind ourselves that we are loved, safe, healthy, connected, et cetera goes a long way toward enabling us to be warm with others. If we are feeling down, our reserves of warmth may be low. If we spend a little time dedicated to cultivating a warm and positive attitude with ourselves, it essentially replenishes our emotional bank account.

In the end, practicing mindfulness can truly be as simple as setting an intention to be a beacon of warm light for yourself and others.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!