I am going to go a little out of my intended posting order tonight, because I am just so giddy with excitement.

As the title may suggest, tonight's post is about Kingdom Death: Monster, a HUGELY successful Kickstarter project (we're talking about grossing over $2 million, and it has not even been released yet) developed by developer and genius Adam Poots. KD:M combines elements of cooperative play, character development, miniatures with upgradeable content and armor, and epically terrible monsters. It's like the game that combines all bosses, in one nightmarish and ethereally beautiful world.

In fact, according to their website,

"Kingdom Death is a nightmare horror board game (in development) supported by a range of highly detailed 35mm scale miniatures."

The miniatures, oh man, the miniatures.

If you can envision a little rewind with me here, let's roll back time. After Golem Arcana knocked on the door of my budding interest in miniatures, another game came along that completely kicked down the door. That's Shadows of Brimstone by Flying Frog Productions, also successfully funded on Kickstarter. Shadows of Brimstone is another board game we discovered and bought at PAX (sorry to all of the backers who waited so patiently for fulfillment while it sat in our living room for three months). The miniatures that came with the game required assembly, but after hearing the pitch of one of the FFP founders regarding the game play, I figured, what the dern, right? I could live with a little assembly if it meant getting a hold of a dungeon-crawl-esque board game with a wild west flair. In all, let's just say, a new hobby was born. We'll come back to Shadows of Brimstone another time (after we have actually played it).

While searching the internet for tips and trick on, well, tricking out miniatures, I came across Kingdom Death on Board Game Geek, an immensely successful social media site devoted to cataloging board and card games (now videos games and RPG, too) and providing folks like me with a space to exude fandom from our pores.

Now, KD, or more specifically Adam Poots, has received a lot of attention, both good and bad, due to the particular artistic creativity of that informs this universe. In fact, I'm tempted to say that at some places of employment, the sculpts may not necessarily be safe for work (NSFW). That being said I am going to share some of the imagery and scultps with you here, because
Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn.

I mean, the detail is just exquisite.

Sadly, these guys sell out fast on the website (they are also sold on Cool Mini or Not, but same problem there). I was able to get a hold of my first mini, the White Speaker (shown below), via eBay.

Afterwards, I bought the Halloween special pin-up figure for myself, and my husband (hearing me yap about this game constantly) requested the Great Game Hunter Rogue (male). He has now also been firmly drawn in, and we cannot wait to get our hands on the rule book and game boards.

We had some problems with this particular order, because both characters were missing the beautiful 6x4 art cards. However, Poots's team has been really responsive to customer service feedback, and we are looking forward to receiving these soon.

Today we received the pin-up version of the White Speaker in the mail, also from a seller on eBay, and let me tell you, the sculpt on her smoky magic there is phenomenally intricate.

I also just ordered the Xmas special and the Flower Witch pin-up from the store.

One of the things I love about these miniatures so far is their customizability. In almost every shipment I have received so far, there have been multiple heads and/or arms, weapons, et cetera to really allow me some artistic license with building my mini. I can only imagine one day building a beautiful and busty (i.e. curvaceous) little franken-mini

In addition to these excellent figures, we -pre-ordered the Silver pledge edition of the game, which will feature the core base game and all of the expansions created so far. The game itself is estimated for release in Summer 2015, but seeing all of the excellent content that the KD team has churned out so far, this is definitely a game worth waiting for in my opinion. And just in case you are were wondering, yes, I am actually a feminist, and I approve these minis (like it really matters)!