Today we tried another recipe from Blue Apron, and we were a smidgen disappointed. This was mainly because of a single ingredient that was so bitter it was nearly unbearable-treviso. Our slice of roast beef was also on the smaller side, and unfortunately, it dried out during the prescribed cooking process. I can say that we are not so disappointed that we are reconsidering our decision to try the Blue Apron service.

We did learn a few new lessons:
  • How to caramelize leafy vegetables.
  • Sauteing pears in a cooling frying pan doesn't turn them to mush the way an actively hot pan would.
  • Balsamic vinegar and sour cream make good bedfellows.
  • We will never again use dried thyme over the fresh, fragrant stuff.
  • Roasting walnuts does what to them exactly? (We still don't know, but we went along for the ride.)
This was still an excellent meal, and we are glad we tried it. Midway through our meal, we simply just could not get past treviso. The bitter tastes builds on the palette, and even with a little red Bel Normande, we couldn't shake the tartness on our tongues.

Husband and I both are pretty stalwart on avoiding future cooking ventures that incorporate treviso. At least, until the memory fades, I'm sure.