I feel like a mascot for Bad Luck.

No, make that a beacon, because I shine so brightly that the bad luck gravitates toward me like...well, like things that gravitate, to imitate one of my favorite adolescent heroines, Georgia Nicholson.

You might be thinking, "Don't let the WW blues get you down!" I can tell you that I have been certainly trying, but today feels like a vent session, so let me just get it all out of my system real quick. Then we will get to the good stuff. And, since I have been thinking about writing-and naturally my writing style, of course (sing it with me, "S-a-r-c-a-s-m!")-I am going to try to make this fun and bearable for everyone by writing it as a poem. I'm a little nervous though, but I'm willing to give it a try in an attempt to turn my mood and my luck. So, here goes:

Snuffles and rain
and loads of coughing pain
laid this one out of work for a week.
She returned for a day,
and all seemed okay
but a shiny red man named Tesla
threw down like a wrestler
and Lord knows his talk don't come cheap. 
But three wrecks in a year,
and pain and nightmares and fear,
leave little room for anything but stressors.
But in her heart she knows,
that much like her injured sailor at home, 
it all works out for the better.


I am surprisingly ok with that bit of poetry. Lots of rhyming, although the rhythm did not go quite as I expected it to, but I like that it sounds a little like a puzzle. It's probably not terribly hard to figure out that I was out of work for a week with legitimate influenza (yuck!), and when I came back to work the following week, a co-worker and I were rear-ended by a brand new Tesla vehicle. Ouch.

And you read right: that makes three accidents in a year. The first was a T-bone total in Florida (driving-mostly my fault), the second a side-swipe in Florida (driving-not my fault), and the most recent was a fender-bender while I was on the clock with a co-worker (not driving). It made for a very interesting few days. To top it all off, Jeff still hasn't gotten in the pool. Darn!

The good news is, they are finally increasing Jeff's physical therapy and he has developed a system for taking his Gabapentin. That stuff was turning him into a disorganized, snarly cat-like person where he would sleep all day and wake up long enough to say nonsensical things or grump at me. It seems like he is finally acclimating to it though, and he has figured out a dosing schedule that works.

Add to that my recent purchase of the DDPYoga system. I grew up watching Diamond Dallas Page, and I was always mesmerized by the Diamond Cutter. BANG!

I have only watched one of the discs to get a feel for the program so far, but I already find DDP so relaxing. His guided breathing is phenomenal. To top it all off, this yoga-ish program seems to be more my speed. Traditional yoga, with Buddhist techniques and relaxation, only serve to amp me up sometimes, because they increase my anxiety and I just feel terribly out of place. Mindfulness comes to me when I am intentional and single-minded about it, and scheduling it for some reason seems to be counterproductive for me. Granted, I probably need more practice, but DDP reminds me a lot of my father and the good times we shared watching wrestling when I was growing up. Perhaps nostalgia will do my body some good, too. Combining this with the fact that I have always loved me some body-building (dynamic resistance and weight-free training are excellent and free!), overall this just feels like a good fit. Not to mention that it's 100% travel friendly and I can fit it easily into my schedule with 20 minute chunks once I get a feel for the moves and develop my own groove.

As I write, I can see that I am not entirely plagued by bad luck. I utilize the characteristic cognitive distortions of overgeneralizing and discounting the positives pretty regularly, so that's probably where a lot of the negativity is coming from. I don't know where I learned it, but it's pretty ingrained and I am working hard to alter it. For now, I just have to remain hopeful that nothing else too catastrophic is going to happen for awhile and keep going on with my life.