It is a fantastic country song, but it also seems to be the story of our lives right now.

Before my husband's accident, when we felt antsy, we would pack up and head out for a drive, go shopping, see a movie, or get some gelato. Nowadays, we do a whole lot of nothing. Our lives feel a little empty, and just a tad unfulfilled. It's difficult to pry ourselves away from the comfort and trap of the couch and television because of a lack of nothing better to do, or worse, the things we like to do, such as hiking, are out of our grasp.

We have been trying to find ways to supplement our lives with some of our former normalcy, but nothing seems to stick. Sometimes I feel at a loss for what to do or how to make anything happen in the small space of our home. We just really lack a consistent routine.

Today is a good day, though. I don't want to detract from that with my grumbling. We drove around neighborhoods looking for houses for sale, keeping our eyes peeled for single stories-a relatively uncommon thing here in Washington. My husband is in good spirits today. He slept through the night except for the alarms to a let him to take his pain pills. Overall, I have nothing to really complain about today.

Sometimes I just wish our lives weren't trickling by with each click of the remote.
I guess some days, the days just go by.