I was very busy yesterday. Not only did I work in the morning, but I also did a bit of retail therapy. I bought my first reproduction painting: Sunshine and Raindrops by Shirley Novak.

It now hangs over my kitchen table. When I bought it, there were clouds in the sky and cement smelled of fresh rain.

This painting positively pops with color. It is vibrant and in motion. That is what my art teacher in high school would have said, anyway. She taught me about brush strokes and technique. (Sorry the picture quality is so poor; I took it with my HTC. The featured image above my dismal photograph was found at Yesterdays and highlights the color quality so much better.)

Where did I find such a gem? Ross for $19.99. (P.S. If you hop over to Yesterdays.com or any other art framing website, this painting usually goes for $120-$180 for smaller canvas or print sizes. Talk about a bargain!)

Not only did I get this glorious painting, but I finally found floating frames the perfect size for my own watercolors. $6.99 each. The effect is so much better than having them rest on top of matting.

Yesterday was a good day overall, and the rain was wonderful. Sadly, it has stopped today. Though Jeff may be going through processing week far far away, I feel good. I am chipper today, and I get to curl up in my warm condo with my furbabies and my beautiful new painting that catches the light.

P.S. Still holding up! No tears since Wednesday!