Have you ever had that uncanny feeling when you join a club or take up a hobby that you suddenly see crochet needles or ballet shoes everywhere?

That's been our life of late. We see more high and tights (aka the military buzz cut), big tan boots, and, not surprisingly, we notice more videos about the troops online. What caught my attention this morning (and I am pretty sure I am behind the times on this one) was the "Call Me Maybe" lip dub + choreography by troops deployed at Kandahar Airfield.

It's one of those things that brings happy tears to my eyes.

You know, there is a big debate on SpouseBuzz right now whether levity is the best answer to Milspouse issues, but it's hard to take everything in life so seriously. True, death and injury are serious hardships, but sometimes the best antidote to tragedy and suffering is to find the bright moments in life. I'm glad to see some of the troops taking hold of this opportunity. Plus, if you read some of the comments from the news feeds online, it sounds like some families recognized their service members and found a moment of relief and joy in watching the troops "bust a move."