With each day, week, and month that ticks by, Jeff and I are growing excited and nervous about our first big move together. It's also going to be a huge change for Jeff, for a variety of reasons. I've decided to list them below.
  • He was born in Oahu and has never been further from the Pacific Ocean than the Four Corners. 
  • The only gator he has seen was in Sea World, and it was a baby alligator.
  • He's never been to a swamp.
  • He thinks mosquitoes don't like the flavor of his man-flesh. 
  • He can't fathom the concept of Everglades. 
  • He's never experienced counting thunderclaps and measuring the proximity of lightning bolts. 
  • He thinks Hawaii is more humid than the rest of the planet.
These are all of the things I love about my hubby. Why? Because when he talks about these things, I love the intensity with which he thinks he will just settle right on in. It's adorable! That may sound cruel, and I know I have that knowing smile that implies, "Just you wait."  But seriously, I know I will have much to blog about within that first week, and knowing my hubs, it will be peppered with mild complaints. Everybody whines at some point, and I find Jeff's endearing, which is why I look forward to it.

I have lived in Florida, and I know the feel of the Atlantic and the Gulf. I've been bitten by a horse fly the size of my arm. I remember sitting in the dark, worrying that lightning would strike in the front yard as the thunder came quicker and quicker. I know what it means to not want to bother with a shower, because I know it is futile in the Florida summer. These are things I remember with the core of my being. It's a truly charming thought to know that I will get to be present as Jeff experiences all of these things. 

What's more is that we are both really looking forward to this move. We are desperate for a change in scenery, even if they make us come back and it's only temporary. At this point, we are anticipating that we will be there for at least two years, which is plenty of time for me to return to the Keys, reconnect with N in Miami, and travel ever northward to the great historical landmarks that dot the East Coast.

In San Diego, we live fairly adventurous lives, but there is only so much to do in a huge state like California. We are separated from the truly fun activities (we are not surfers or beach bunnies) by dense farmland and desert. In Florida, the possibilities for travel and exploration are endless.

No matter what, we are always at home when we are together. We're just itchin' to get this party started.Oh yeah, and I can't wait to see his face when I tell him to check for gators under the car the first time.

(Images: Sparkle Sands, Swamp On, Home)

P.S. I started watching the U.S. version of The Office, and I am hooked!