Planning birthday parties for women is easy.

For many of the women in my life, including myself, good birthday parties tend to consist of:
  • Scrumdiddlyumptious cake recipes with to-die-for frosting and filling
  • Pretty and cheerful decor, like streamers, bunting, fresh floral centerpieces, confetti, sparklers, and balloons
  • Presents wrapped in cute paper with baker's time, lace, ribbon, and bows
  • Festive drinks with sugar rims, barber stripe straws, fresh fruit, and loads of ice
  • Plenty of photos of party-goers with props firm in hand, fashionable outfits, and smiling with mouths full of quaint appetizers and finger foods
Ok, so maybe that's just my idea of a fun birthday party. And I am clearly in a chipper, pinkish mood today. Though I would argue that there are plenty of other people in Pinterest who would agree with my idea of the former. (P.S. All of today's pictures are via my Pinterest boards).  

Trying to plan a party for a man - tough, but ok, I can make it work.

Trying to plan a party for Jeff - now we're talking difficult.

Trying to plan a party for Jeff and buy him a gift that will get him excited - yikes, I need to get to work!

In the past, I did lemon (Jeff loves his lemons) and pie (he really loves his pies) themed parties, which Jeff enjoyed immensely. The events themselves were small and included an intimate gathering of friends and family, respectively. For this year, though, I need to think BIG.

This will be our last year in San Diego - and in California for that matter. Sure we may come back, but what if we don't? With the majority of Jeff's family and friends living in San Diego and the surrounding areas, I want to plan something big and extravagant so that everyone can get a chance to celebrate Jeff's birthday before he leaves in 3.5 months

I also want to do this party on a budget, which means everything is going to be handmade for that special touch. That's right, this party is going to be DITY-style! For those of you non-military folks, DITY is just another way of referring to DIY. Get it? D-IT-Y.

I am still mulling over questions like:
  • Should the party be day or night?
  • Outdoors or indoors?
  • Where would I host the party? 
  • Do I want to use formal invites or evites?
  • Do I want to take photos myself or actually hire a photographer?
See? I was serious when I meant big. In a way, I am also envisioning this birthday party as farewell party. It doesn't mean that we won't be spending the holidays with family, but this way the party is all about Jeff.

I have been Pinning all morning, coming up with ideas, so forgive me if future posts include or are even all about my party planning ideas. The party isn't a secret, so feel free to leave comments with ideas. Also, you can suggest Pins to me using @korkalot in the comment section.

The best part of this process? For once, I have already bought the gift and don't have to spend my days wracking my brain to come up with something truly surprising and meaningful. I know Jeff will never be able to guess what I bought for him this time, and I am just waiting for it to show up in the mail so that I can wrap it and secret it away until the big day. More on the significance of this gift once it has been opened.

Until next time, take care and toodloo for now!