Today, I am going to talk to you about money. Whether you are a civilian, an active duty service member, or married/partnered with one, money is important.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you watch your bank account, via the Internet or your checkbook, because you're waiting for that LES paycheck to clear or can't figure out where $29.03 went?

I certainly have. Growing up, my mother instilled in me the value of balancing a checkbook, and it served me well in college. When my credit card account was hacked and I nearly had my identity stolen, I was able to nip it in the butt real quick because I noticed several hundred dollars worth of discrepancies between my meticulous checkbook and my suspicious online checking account. After filing police and credit reports, and changing banks, everything was right again.

Unfortunately, I have gotten out of the habit of even carrying a checkbook, and it shows at times. Thanks to the decision to finally switch over to an Android phone in November 2011, I have had easy access to my online accounts through my Navy Federal Credit Union (which I will just call Navy Fed from here on out) Internet application.

At first, the software was just sort of ho-hum. It offered several account tools, options to make online transfers, and provided the most up to date information about available balances in checking and savings, as well as notifications of pending transactions. However, it lacked the feature that was setting other credit unions and banks apart - deposits!

Now it is super easy to deposit checks using the app. I haven't signed up for it yet myself, so I cannot review the feature, but I am seriously considering it. With any application that links directly to your banking or credit account, make sure to always read the Terms & Conditions of service. For now, Jeff and I are weighing the pros and cons.

If you are a member of Navy Fed, have a smart phone, and don't already have their Mobile Banking app (or if you are tired of text alerts and commands), you can sign up for FREE using the market app on your phone or by heading over to the Android and Apple websites via the Navy Fed website.

Some continued drawbacks of the app is that is does not include web-based bill pay options, no option to make external (meaning outside NFCU) or member-to-member transfers, and some continued glitches with deposits and check clarity. Overall, however, the app seems to be faring well in the reviews. At the very least, it's good for tracking the current status of your accounts.

By the way, this review is of my own accord. I did not receive any benefits from the NFCU institution for posting about this feature, I just felt like being helpful in a fiscal way today.

Take care and toodloo for now!