I am super excited to announce that I sent out the e-vites for Jeff's birthday bash this afternoon!

I feel very productive today, in fact, hence the double posting. Not only did I decide on a location, but I drafted the guest list, and did a budget for party rentals based on my initial head count.

Once I did that, I start putting together an e-vite. E-vite won out over paper invitations because Jeff's birthday is now a month away, and I wanted to give out-of-town family and friends a chance to make travel plans if they wanted to come down to San Diego for the event. And even though I have my planning hat on today, I was generous enough to let Jeff choose his own invitation design. He's got good taste, too! (Don't mind the redactions; I wanted to keep my more personal details private).

I'm already envisioning how I can transform our community pool into an amazing venue, replete with bunting, balloons, pinwheels, medallions, and ribbons. I am also trying to brainstorm ideas for creating additional shade for our party guests by making my own canopies. The PVC sitting on our balcony may finally come to some good use. I'm also going to make a backdrop with some nautical and beard themed photo props for our party goers. The latter is to pay homage to the fact that I will miss Jeff's beard terribly! I have lots of preparation and planning ahead, but for now, I'm soaking up the good feelings of a party that is going to going to make my hubby feel so honored and appreciated.

Thanks for tuning in!