I have been trying to redo the decor in my bathroom for ages. Currently, it is decorated with a hodge podge of fall-inspired glass leaf plates in gold, green, brown, and purple with matching solid towels that I bought earlier in the year and some tropical palm-tree themed bathroom accessories from my freshmen year in high school...yikes!

Needless to say, I am tired of staring at shabby chic palm trees and monkeys.

I really like these plates, though, and I want to hang onto them. I bought some really soft, quick-dry towels from Kohl's to match the plates (sadly, I couldn't find any in purple, so I am still looking). While searching for new bathroom accessories that would really pull everything together, I came across these West Elm stacked apothecary jars.

Since I have a small budget for finishing the bathroom decor, the price tags on the West Elm website were a bit much for me. For both the large and small version, plus CA sales tax and shipping, I might be forking over around $100.

Set on having apothecary jars in the bathroom, I started searching the web. There were some promising alternatives on Amazon.com and Ebay.com, but the winner of the day came from save-on-crafts.com.

I found the small apothecary jar set for $12, a $22 bargain.

I found the large apothecary set for $20, a $29 bargain.

Decorating doesn't always have to break the bank. For a long time, I had been merely eyeing these stacked apothecary jars because our budget couldn't spare a cent. With some improvements in our financial situation, we have been able to partake in more recreational activities and it means that I can finally take on some of the home improvement projects I have tucked away in my Pinterest.com boards. I feel really good about these purchases, because even with the additional funds to actually move forward on my bathroom project if I had been unable to find cheaper alternatives, I was still able to save $65. Now that's a serious bargain!