Independence Day was a smashing success for Jeff and I. We watched the Scripps Ranch Parade in the morning, where I got to oggle some rockin' old cars done up Americana-style. Unfortunately, none of my favorite Ford Model T's were present.

From all the parade options we had to choose from, this one turned out to be the best because it had a more personal touch.

After the parade, we bought some oven-bake pizza and doughnuts at our local super market for a little splurge, and played one of our favorite board games, Talisman, while we enjoyed the overcast skies. We recently bought a new expansion, Blood Moon, and it is officially one of our favorites.

I was being annihilated by Jeff, who was playing the Vampire Slayer, until he reached the Crown of Command, where he encountered the Black Void. It was an immediate win for me, despite all of his hard work. With victory in tow, and stuffed with pizza and deep fried doughy goodness, we napped for several hours. The kitties joined us, of course. As you can see, Raven likes to sleep with her paws over her eyes. 

It was not long until frisky Amelia woke us with all of her traipsing and pouncing about on our heads and feet. Evening was beginning to roll around anyway, so we packed up our snacks and blankets and headed off to our super secret spot at the University of San Diego, my alma matter, which turned out to be not so secret at all. Luckily, we arrived early enough at the USD Meditation Garden to get front row seats on the ledge overlooking SeaWorld and Mission Bay.

Now, I don't know how many of you actually live in San Diego, but if you were watching Mission Bay for the Big Bay Boom fireworks special, you were probably as dazed and confused as the rest of us. The Port Authority, which was supposed to put on an extravagant fireworks show (rumored to be the best show to ever display on the West Coast), failed miserably. Within 15 seconds, several thousand dollars of fireworks exploded, from barge level, in a show that resembled four atomic bombs detonating simultaneously. We even had the pleasure of seeing real mushroom clouds. From the picture below you can see two with the hint of one off to the left.

Hopefully whomever was responsible was able to keep their job. Ever-organized, SeaWorld swooped in to rescue the night around 9:30pm, and they stole the show. They had been releasing windage flares for several hours, and so we had hints of how high the fireworks would blaze.

The fireworks were brilliant! The show lasted for at least 15 minutes, and they painted miles of sky in red, gold, white, and blue. This year I didn't take anything with me but my camera phone, so no fireworks shots to share. You can take my word for it, though, it was spectacular!

The best part of our day was the people that we met at USD. We had the pleasure of meeting an elderly couple, retiring the next day. We talked about Jeff joining the Navy and what it was like for D to teach for 47 years. It turns out both of our spouses were both history buffs, and they shared a mutual love for Egyptology. Me also met of troupe of friends teaching one another to play Yahtzee, and one of the group had an adorable Boston Terrier she had rescued from a puppy mill. The cherry on top was watching an incredibly cute, loving couple get engaged on the lawn in the middle of a quaint picnic - very sweet!

I hope that your Independence Day was as enjoyable as ours!

(Blood Moon Image: Talismanland)