More than five years ago, back when I was still in college, I was a member of the local chapter of Psi Chi. No, not a sorority, but a national honor society for undergraduates majoring in psychology. Our chapter was very active, and we had a great leadership team. When I first joined, we were in the midst of prepping care packages to send to the troops in Iraq.

In case you have never put together a care package, it is hard work. There are so many rules and regulations about what is acceptable and what constitutes a hazard. Luckily for our chapter, our then-vice-president was a wiz at being on the up-and-up, and she had been putting these packages together for several terms.

When I opened my email inbox yesterday, I received a link to a Living Social deal that immediately intrigued me - care packages for the troops created by USO (United Service Organization), a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization that supports troops. They are easily recognized by the "Until Every One Comes Home" slogan.

Just in time for Independence Day, if you spend $25 on this deal, the USO will donate $50 toward a deployment care package that consists of calling cards (so crucial to troops staying in touch with family and friends!), toiletries, and delicious snacks. Plus, you will receive a T-Shirt as a token of your contribution.

If you can't afford $25, do what you can to spread this deal around the Internet, social media, and Blogosphere. In just one day, I have watched the sold ticker move from 11,000 packages bought to more than 17,000, and there are still nine days left. Jump on the promo bandwagon with me, and let get our troops some goodies!

Personally, I would love to see that ticker top out at more than 100,000, which is just a third of the troops currently stationed overseas.

I mean, c'mon, just look at these happy faces!