I have been living in San Diego for several years now, and I am embarrassed to report that I have only now just heard about Summer Movies in the Park. Yes, yes, I know - I am so behind the times. This is the plight of the introverted crafter, I suppose.

My discovery came in a very roundabout way, actually. I was looking for ideas on where we should watch the fireworks/parades/festivities on Independence Day this year. Given that San Diego is a hub for the Navy and Marines, our community tends to go all out.

Last year, we went to Camp Pendleton with Jeff's father, a former Navy Chief, and stepmother. The weather was good, the radio was loud and clear. Sadly, the evening marine layer had the same effect on the fireworks that putting a glass jar over smoke does. Still a great show, nonetheless.

This year, we are still deciding where we want to go. The UT San Diego feature will be helping us in our decision - there are just so many options to consider, from bay side seats to marshmallow fights! 

As I was browsing, I came across an ad about watching the fireworks from the deck of the USS Midway, which is now a museum. Then, I discovered that the USS Midway is also participating in an annual summer movie event, known as Summer Movies in the Park. While tickets to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July are $15 per adult ($10 per child),  Captain  America , which will be viewing on July 3rd, is completely free! (There is a fee for parking nearby, but a little exercise may find you free parking in the area.)

After watching the Avengers, we realized the only build-up film we had not seen was, in fact, Captain America, which makes the experience even better. Needless to say, we will certainly be there next Tuesday!

For more information about the fireworks display or the summer movie events, just head over the the USS Midway Museum website. I have also included a poster from the website featuring their Wild Wild West theme for Independence Day 2012. Enjoy!