My birthday was particularly special this year, but not because of any particular material or monetary gifts.

When Jeff began his recruitment process in March, we had originally anticipated that he might not be around at this time. We had initially prepared for a fast track, anticipating the possibility that I might even have had to drive him to the airport on my birthday. Instead, the greatest gift was being able to spend a peaceful afternoon with my husband after attending some early morning lectures at the Navy & Marines COSC Conference. Granted, I was still getting over the flu and his had just begun, but the afternoon was pleasant and relaxing. 

Even though several days have passed since my actual birthday on the 23rd, I wanted to share with any of you reading the fledgling beginnings of this blog how grateful I am to have my husband by my side. It reminds me of how I will miss him terribly when he leaves for Basic Training and for his first sea duty tour.

Thank you for reading and following along on this journey. We both appreciate your support, spoken, written, and silent.

P.S. A great BIG thanks to my mom, as well, for the Shari's Berries that fueled our two-player Talisman gaming session with delectable treats. We actually devoured them before I remembered to take photos, so I borrowed the image above from Dandelion Wishes. We highly recommend them. Yum yum!