I am a huge fan of action flicks, especially anything with high intensity, well-created special effects. With Jeff joining the Navy, I naturally gravitated toward the new film "Battleship."

Opening week I came down with a wicked (yeah, I've spent time on the East Coast) cold. No matter, I am a dedicated movie-goer. Equipped with tissues, layered in warm clothes, and with my last cough drop tucked away in my pocket, we left for the movie theater.

I know there are a lot of negative reviews out there right now, disparaging the film for allegedly ruining a iconic board game, but I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I appreciated the upwelling of alien life forms from the sea during RIMPAC, the world's largest international naval war games showdown. Their spotlight on retired veterans and military personnel with injuries and losses was fitting, especially as it highlighted their resilience and honor.

While others focus on the acting and the plot, I was impressed by the humor, strength, and courage enacted in the film. I believe these qualities truly capture the heart of the U.S. Navy, as well as the other military branches. Call me sappy, but I believe this movie was about more than its special effects and cast of rising stars; although, the effects were pretty damn good.

Clearly, I recommend going, but I generally enjoy all movies so I'm a tough nut to crack when it comes to displeasure. Jeff also enjoyed it, and agrees that it is a movie not intended to be "deep" per se, but to exemplify the Navy in a glorifying way with some really kick-ass graphics.

The funniest part of our whole movie-going experience? Jeff being afraid that aliens will time their arrival with his first sea duty.

Happy viewing!

(Image: Wired - Click the link for an interesting review of other alien-based movies)