In the fifth lantern year, the Survivors of Solterra decided to brave the storm in search of new monster quarry. This year the hunters-Apollo, Sun, Aurora, and Aurelia-decided to hunt the Gorm.

During the Hunt, the Survivors encountered a Searing Light. Three of the Survivors were affected by it: Aurora became Immortal, Aurelia felt an unbearable desire for Revenge, and Apollo became a Rageaholic. Sun, miraculously, was unaffected.

Once everyone had calmed down, they continued hunting. Luckily, they found boulders where the Gorm rubbed its massive hands. Recognizing the markings on the trail, the hunters were able to ambush the Gorm when they came upon him between Toppled Pillars and Tall Grass.

Sun, hiding among the tall grasses, shot an arrow in the Gorm's tail, slowing him down. Next, Aurora wounded the Gorm's jowls with her Counterweighted Axe. Apollo was quick to follow with his Skullcap Hammer, hitting the Gorm in his mandible. Angered, the Gorm turned around and tried to lash out, but Apollo was quick to dodge. Before the Gorm could react again, Sun hit the monster a second time with the skullcap hammer in Gorm's terrible goiter. While the Gorm was distracted by Apollo, Aurelia hit the Gorm with her Whistling Mace, wounding his sickly bright lure.

Art by Kingdom Death
The Gorm, growing tired of the puny Survivors, lunged forward and tried to bite Aurelia. She dodged the attack narrowly and swung her mace in a wide arc. Though she failed to wound the Gorm's spine, she was able to hit him in the fangs. From the tall grass, Sun shot another arrow at the Gorm in his efforts to distract the Gorm from Aurelia, but he missed. Apollo on the hand was able to land a perfect hit against the monster's genitals and bulging eye. Seeing an opportunity, Aurora threw her founding stone at the Gorm. Critically wounded, the Gorm threw up his active thyroid. 

In his weakened state, the Gorm was unable to body check Aurelia. Feeling the thrill of the Showdown, Aurelia swung her whistling mace with all of her might. Although she was able to hit the Gorm in the rump and wound him, she clumsily hit herself in the head. The Gorm reared back in pain and retched again. The vomit missed all but Sun, hitting him in the chest. The Survivors could hear the acidic hiss as it ate through his armor and seared the grass. In great pain, Sun fired another arrow, but he missed once again. Rushing to seize the opportunity, Apollo attempted to hit the Gorm in his rear foot in order to knock him down, but he failed. 

Gorm advanced on Sun now that he was exposed in the burnt remains of the tall grass. Sun, already wounded, was knocked down by the monster's attack. Worried that the Gorm might kill one of her fellow founders, Aurora rushed forward and landed a lethal blow against the Gorm's hind gut. The Survivors of Solterra were proving to be lethal hunters indeed as they added this new monster to their list of trophies.

After defeating the Gorm, the Survivors returned to the settlement to boast their victories. From the bounty they carried back to Solterra, they were able to erect the Gormery, Gormchymist, and the settlement innovated Nigredo. Unfortunately, defeating the Gorm did nothing to alleviate the storm and the settlement was forced to huddle against the lashing winds that raged all around them.

Eventually, the settlement was graced by the Great Sky Gift, and the Survivors celebrated with a Sky Vomit Festival. Aurelia, humbled and empowered by the many successes of the settlement, volunteered to enlarge the Sacred Pool. In doing so, she became a Rhythm Chaser. To acknowledge this individually profound feat, Apollo held a ceremony and made a Grand Proclamation. He encouraged all Survivors, young and old, to continue to defend the settlement from monsters like the Gorm, White Lion, Screaming Antelope, and any other monsters that might come their way. 

Emboldened by this speech, the people of Solterra innovated Lantern Oven and Heat. To symbolize and acknowledge the value of these new innovations, Aurora took the opportunity to purify herself in the Sacred Pool. In doing so, she demonstrated for the other Survivors the importance of worshiping The Sun through such acts as Purification and other rituals. Her new sense of purity also urged her to birth another child with Apollo, increasing their population and growing their pool of worshipers.

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