A year has now passed since my husband's accident on December 15th. We had decided last weekend to let the day pass quietly, though I was sick throughout the weekend and the day of, so it was as quiet as could be made possible. Unfortunately, that week turned out to be pretty hectic for me on several fronts. 

Looking at my last entry, I realize it's been awhile. There were plenty of times when I could have made use of this space to recap what has been occurring in our household, but I can do that now just as easily as then. Sometimes it's better to let things settle before sharing them, anyway. 

Many things have changed since I last checked in, too. I am just going to list them out, since that seems easier in the wee hours of the morning for my brain to process.

  1. My husband has an evaluation just before Christmas that is going to have a huge impact on our lives. More details to come later on. 
  2. He is finally getting behind the wheel to practice driving again.
  3. He is back at work, and people have been incredible in helping out and pointing out how much progress he has made. He even has a carpool buddy now, which helps me a great deal. 
  4. His pain in more manageable and tolerable when he forgets his regimen. No more grunting and rolling around in pain. The latter part alone is such a relief, because it was a truly terrifying site to behold earlier in the year, and I always felt so helpless. 
  5. His orthopedic surgeon has offered to take out the hardware as a way to possibly help with pain management and to potentially allow him to run again. We are still on the fence. There are more risks than benefits at this point, so we are taking some time to mull it over. 

  1. I accepted a new position with a different employer, and it is so wonderful! I get to work closer to my husband, and my coworkers are phenomenal. I also get to work with the population that I love and be a part of something bigger. Plus, my salary was doubled and my benefits are even better now. It's such a good fit, I get a little misty. 
  2. We are officially debt free, as I have paid off the last of my student loans. I finally feel like a fully-fledged adult! 
  3. I picked up some new hobbies, which including miniatures and basing. For those of you unacquainted with the gaming world, I basically put together little plastic or resin people and build stands and dioramas for them to cavort around on. It's an interesting back-story, and it's pretty relevant to why I am posting today.
A year has passed since my husband's accident on December 15th (it now being the 21st), and I am thinking about taking my blog in a new direction. Fundamentally, I want the underlying theme to be the same, because I know so many people are affected by non-combat injuries, and I want to provide a lens into how we have dealt with it. When the hubby was first injured, I could not find anything on the Internet about people who were coping with the same things we were. So it is important for me to continue commenting on our journey and how we navigate the rougher seas. 

However, given that a year has passed and my husband has improved so much, I think it's important to share that our life has also regained some semblance of the normalcy we once possessed and even acquired some new parts. We get to go grocery shopping together, although he uses the motorized go buggies since he cannot stand for more than 30 minutes at a time. We take short walks to the mailbox together. He is able to help around the house again, and he does not have to do "transfers" now that he has a strong familiarity with his cane (we now have two!). 

It truly is amazing for me to see how far he has come, and instead of documenting our hardships, I want to really focus more so on our adventures. We have been watching those tiny house shows recently, and one of the guests on the show had a favorite quote that really resonated with me:
I am restored to wonder.
Life has not come full-circle quite yet, but it is certainly coming back around. I can see it on the horizon, and it holds so many new and exciting possibilities for us. My attitude toward life has also changed, and I find myself being more mindful, more at peace, and more considerate than ever in my life. Those qualities have always been hard for me to come by, particularly in times of stress and duress, and I feel like a different person, in a very good way.

So while the regular content here may change, rest assured I will still be checking in about the important bits. I will be making better use of the categories feature so that you can navigate the site more easily and find what best fits your needs. I hope that you enjoy reading my new posts as much as I enjoy writing them, but I understand if it is time for you to go another way, too. It's been an incredible journey, and I want to thank you for reading along.

Best of luck and thank you for being here with me.