Today is the day.

Today is the day.

This week has been a roller coaster ride. As soon as we called to confirm the appointment, the excitement and the apprehension set in. Since we first discussed it, it has been akin to the click click clicking up the mountain of tracks before the precipitous fall.

Today is the day Jeff takes his first steps. He will be in a pool, surrounded by his physical therapy team and potentially members of his WW recovery team. The latter remains to be seen.

We are both giddy with the anticipation, even while we are terrified. Some of the fear is irrational, some is justified. We just simply don't know what today will look like.

In addition to today being a momentous day for us both, we are reeling from his most recent post-operative follow-up: another surgery may be in Jeff's future. The section of the calcaneus that nearby broke through the skin of his right heel after the fall just isn't healing well. It has not pulled back in and sealed as well as the orthopedic surgeon would like.  She reports that if it does not improve,  she will have to go back into shave the bone so he doesn't have quite such a large protrusion from the back of his heel. It's pretty frightening and worrisome stuff.

We carry a heavy burden today, but it is heavy in part because of the immense hope that we feel that things will continue to get better. We have our little moments of success. For example, yesterday I made my very first pot of Chilli,  and I did it using dried beans. It turned out delicious. So life isn't always doling out the hard knocks.

If this experience has taught us anything, it's that we are resilient and we are strong in our relationship and our love. Today is a big day in our marriage and in Jeff's recovery, and even if it's doesn't meet the expectation or vision we have of success, it will be worth celebrating.