So, good news! I was able to get my dependent ID without a hitch. In fact, all of the clerks were incredibly friendly and informative.I also got a temporary gate pass. Seeing how Jeff won't be stationed at MCAS Miramar, I didn't need the full on decals.

Here are my recommendations for those of you planning to use Miramar for your dependent needs:
  1. Have all of your supporting documentation with you, including documentation for your vehicle. Security has been beefed up big time, and missing even one thing will get you the metaphorical boot. P.S. They will confiscate expired identification, and one Staff Sergeant was none to happy with these turn of events. I am not sure to what extent this applies to civilians, but you have been warned.
  2. If you need to get a decal or gate pass, go to the East Gate. That is where the vehicle registration office is, and they can't be obtained anywhere else on the base.
  3. If you don't plan to heed my earlier advice about scheduling an appointment to get your ID, be advised it is a 4 hour walk-in wait because of limited staffing. Yikes! From all the stripes and chevrons I saw today, not even higher rates or officers are getting special treatment. With my appointment confirmation, I was helped and out the door ten minutes before the actual time of my appointment.
I also had my first experience win both the Exchange and the Commissary. I have to say that both were somewhat overwhelming. I was shocked by the almost-appalingly low prices and complete lack of sales tax. For mental compensation, I bought some amazing goat cheese, chocolate, and sweet tea. I feel like I deserve the reward after all the dark, broody faces and jungle camo (yes, the colors are changing).

Now my tasks including signing up for MetLife Dental and TriCare. The logistics of this whole Navy spouse thing never end, but I am sure Jeff would be proud.

Got advice? I have an open mind and an empty inbox!

That's all! Take care and toodloo for now!