Jeff and I are nerds. Hardcore ones.

We read fantasy and science fiction novels, we watch Dr. Who and anything ever created by Simon Pegg (.e.g. Spaced) or the Broken Lizard gang, and we game - a lot.

In recent years, I've scaled back more from gaming, as we could only afford to upgrade his computer to keep up with the latest and greatest in gaming trends, but occasionally I get to nab a seat in the gaming chair and play the day away. Even Jeff admits to his friends that I am better at Bioshock and one-shot kills than he is. For a long time, too, I used to whoop his butt at every single chess game we played.

Now the tides have turned, and my gaming mojo seems to be gone. I am not as interested as I used to be, and I can't seem to win a game to save my life. Of course, Jeff has been gaming far longer than I have and is the one who introduced me to it, but I still consider myself a gaming nerd, nonetheless. I was even the one to make the push for purchasing games like Talisman (which we now own all expansions!) and Call of Cthulhu: LCG.

One of the things I hear occasionally is that there is a strong gaming community that thrives in the military, and the government has finally figured out to play (haha, no pun intended) to these skills, rather than ignore them. It got me to thinking, though, most of the time they talk about console games. Jeff and I own the rattiest Xbox known to man, and we hardly use it. We don't own any newer generation consoles, and we tend to prefer PC, tabletop, and card-based games. So is there a nerdier group of nerds?

Well, if you know me by now, I looked it up

We can call it part of my effort to get Jeff the best birthday present possible. While the job security, financial stability, and healthcare are major bonuses for us as a future military family, socializing is just as important to our well-being. Recently, one of Jeff's childhood friends moved away for law school, and his weekly gaming group has fallen flat. Granted, people move around all the time in the military, but I want to try to build the strongest, best possible social support network for us that I can. That means getting out of our little couple shell and finding other nerds like ourselves that we can have game night or dinner parties with. It'll take some hard work, like everything else does when two people have strong careers, but it would be awesome for Jeff to meet some fellow Navy nerds and for me to meet some fellow Milspouse nerds.

Birds of a feather flock together, right? I can hope!