In a break between clients this morning, I decided to clean out my phone gallery of images. I use my phone for everything, from cataloguing mil-ventures to keeping reminders of books I want to buy (which is better than buying them and never reading them - this saves me money!). As I was looking through the photos, I realized I was a bad blogger in June.

Giddy from the high of Jeff joining the Navy, we had convinced the MPs at MCAS in San Diego to let us on base. They wished Jeff good luck, after crackin' a few jokes, of course, but they were good sports and we are ever grateful. During our stroll, we found our way over to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, which is a FREE museum attached to the westerly side of the base. Unfortunately, it was closed so we could only gaze in. 

In July, we actually got up the gumption to go to the Leatherneck Museum and look around. 

There were planes, jets, and helicopters, of course. Tanks, too, but I didn't take any pictures of those, sadly. 

In addition to artifacts outside, there is also a neat little bungalow filled with trivia, videos, photographs, and actual aviation paraphernalia. 

Overall, we had a lot of fun at the museum. On the day that we went, we thought it was mighty hot. Sadly, that was a just a taste of what has descended on San Diego this month. Although we live next to the ocean, we have been keeping indoors in our mildly cooler apartment, watching season after season of The Office. The heat has really diminished our recreational lives, but we are looking forward to the cooler weather to come, when we become significantly more active. Right now, I am just trying not to nap my summer days away between work hours. 

At least I have some new bright and shiny nail polish colors to put some summer pep in my step, though. The photograph doesn't do the colors justice, but below I have a hot coral, neon green, and luscious minty teal, and all are made by Sinful Colors. Overall, the brand chips later than my preferred Zoya brand, but tends to tint my nails after I have scratched it all off. My nails have been an orange color for a month, which actually hasn't been too much of a bother when paired with my favorite Zoya glitter orange polish. It creates a sort of sparkly ombre look. 

Why did I make the jump to Sinful when I prefer Zoya? Because Zoya tends to cost on average between $6-8 a bottle, and then an additional $6-7 for shipping. I found my Sinful Colors at Target for $1.99 each. Horay for lasting summer color for a cheap price! Also, if you're like me and prefer your nail polish toxin free, count these on your go-to list. 

After work today, Jeff and I may brave the summer heat in a AC-free car to visit a Steampunk exhibit at the Automotive Museum. I promise to be a good blogger if we go.

Take care and toodloo for now!