I received an email about a great opportunity for spouses whose partner is currently deployed or has returned from deployment. You will find all of the information you need below. While the best part is certainly receiving support from a group or a professional, $100 is an added bonus for your participation in their support-format study.

Here is a chance to earn $100.00 with very little effort and at the same time, help other military spouses. If you are a spouse, you can sign up directly, if you are the service member or veteran, please forward on to your spouse.

Things can change during deployment - how you talk to each other, how you get things done, emotional closeness, combat injuries or illness.

After your loved one returns from deployment, you may need help to become a united family again. Others have found their way forward and you can, too.

We can help.

During a year, you will participate in either:
  • telephone support groups, twice a month for six months
  • online information sessions, twice a month for six months, or
  • a one-on-one workshop.
For your time during telephone data collection you will receive $25 at baseline, six and twelve months and an additional $25 upon completion of the study, for a possible total of $100.

Call or email us at the Spouse READI study and we will contact you.

Website: www.memphis.va.gov/spousesupport
Phone: (800) 636-8262, x 7485
Email: vhamemsbm@va.gov

If your loved one is currently deployed we would still like to talk to you. The Spouse Deployed telephone support study is available for you.

Sponsored by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.