Today is our third wedding anniversary, although Jeff and I have been together since we were teens, which dates our relationship at more than a decade.

Sadly, I have to work for most of the day, but it was such a pleasant surprise for Jeff to cheerfully wish me "Happy Anniversary" this morning. I was still a little dazed and confused from the 6am alarm (we slept in a little today), but I managed to chirp it out just as gleefully. 

There are so many wonderful memories from that time, from getting to know all of Jeff's paternal side of the family to planning an outdoor wedding. It turned out to be more than one hundred degrees that day, despite all assurances from the weather crews.

The flowers, which were supplied for free by my favorite sister-in-law, J, were absolutely gorgeous! The florist we had been initially intended to go through had told me that procuring lily of the valley (my birth flower) in summer from overseas would be a nightmare. J came through, though, and they were crisp and fresh and beautiful on all of my bridal party besties. She also found those beautiful curly things for my bouquet, above.

My bridesmaid, Courtney Droke, was my photographer. She took all of these photos and hundreds more and she really is an artist in her craft. Since our days as college roommates, she has had such a talent for capturing both stunning romantic photographs and candid shots of couples at their weddings. She also knows how to work a camera, rain (seriously!) or shine, to bang out some pretty rockin' action sports shots, too. 

On of our most memorable moments was me devouring the first bite of wedding cake solo. In the picture above, Jeff is informing me that we were supposed to feed one another first. Woops! 

Everyone got a good laugh, though.

My work tends to slow in the summer, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary at home with a sweet and simple dinner and some free dessert. We bought Kristian Regale sparkling pear cider, because we don't drink alcohol and it is the same cider featured at our wedding. Trust us, it is delic'! For dinner, we are making homemade Mac 'n' Cheese with some applewood smoked bacon from Trader Joes and some red and green tomatoes straight from my mother-in-law's garden. She has an exceptional green thumb, and she is always willing to shower us with fresh produce. We also plan to make our way over to 7-11 for a couple of free slurpees. I'm crossing my fingers for orange and coke - mix the two flavors, and I swear you will never want another flavor again! 

The best part about today? I get to spend some quality time with my man. Jeff truly is one of the most affectionate, kind-hearted, hard-working men I have ever met. He truly understands me and appreciates both my strengths and my faults. I love you, Jeff, and here's to our lifetime together!