While Jeff's graduation from the Great Lakes training facility is still several months away, I am already salivating over my upcoming trip to the Windy City. We have our fingers cross that Jeff will receive weekend liberty, which means we get to explore Chicago, but even if he doesn't, you can count on me adventuring for the both of us. If you have been following along, you know that I love research, and that is precisely what I have been doing lately - RESEARCH.

By far one of my favorite sources for ideas has been Call Me Cal. Her "Out of Town Adventures" are filled with amazing photographs, restaurant recommendations, and suggestions for architecture must-sees and tours. I stumbled onto her blog quite by accident. You know, when you click a Pinterest photo to scourge the source page for more goodies, and you fall down the rabbit hole of Tumblr and wind out on the other side of Blogger or Typepad or Wordpress? That's right, I wound up here.

Granted, the weather will be significantly colder when I wind up in Chicago - and by that I mean below freezing, but I certainly plan to seek out The Doughnut Vault and Glazed & Infused. I am also saving my first Chicago pizza experience for the real thing.

As for my tour of the city? I still have some work (codename: research) to do on the best activities and adventures for Winter. While it will certainly be cold, and I am more of a desert rat, I am definitely looking forward to some gray, white, and silver.

Been to Chicago to see your lady or your man graduate from Navy bootcamp? Share your adventures and your recommendations! If you've got advice for getting through the Winter weather, please share that, too!