Several years ago, my husband lost his cat to a terrible accident. Ever since, I have missed the joy, playfulness, and peace that would come over him when caring for a kitten of his very own. Deciding I had waited long enough (and so had he), yesterday we embarked on a mission in search of...

We lucked out and found a little darling that reminded us of POTO, and Jeff decided to name her Amelia. Here are some photographs I had a blast trying to capture with my HTC Inspire. Effects are courtesy of Pixlr-O-Matic.

Of course our resident fuzzball has her jealous pants on, but she is getting the hang of the little miss slowly but surely. She even let Amelia nibble on her tail for a few seconds.

Raven also seems to enjoy the new scratching posts we bought. Horay for our happy, albeit furry, family!